The City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Volunteer Opportunities

Ashley Monka – the Program Volunteer Coordinator of the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation, shares with enthusiasm, sincerity, and a depth of knowledge from prior years’ experience, of the impactful role of volunteerism with community parks.  Ashley’s part is to coordinate and encourage the involvement of volunteers, stating the programs allow for ‘community ownership’ and increased use of parks for residents to play and relax in.  And it’s a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and potentially advance your career!

An appealing mix of fun and engaging programs is scheduled so volunteers can choose Environmental Park Cleanups, Family Festivals, Senior Olympics, Road Races, Track and Field, Senior Swim, and Pickleball from October 2022 – January 2023.  Events planned are for folks of all levels and ages.

The JUNIOR STAFF IN TRAINING program allows teenagers to accumulate hands-on volunteer service hours and an educational foundation to potentially begin a career with Tucson Parks and Recreation, whether one chooses entry-level or part-time employment.   

Over the 2022 summer, the Junior Staff in Training 7-week event was of 47 teens (ages 14 – 17 years old) who volunteered 6,199 hours of recreational planning, group management, critical thinking activities, engagement in proper communication, teamwork, and essential job interviewing skills.  Volunteers had the opportunity to work 30 hours per week.  With fantastic results, five of the summer 2022 group were invited and hired as Tucson Parks and Recreation employees! 

The healthy boost of self-confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction provided a natural sense of accomplishment for all those who participated.

TEAM CLEAN UP is leading a citywide cleanup effort program available as an environmental volunteer project.  Everyone in the community – individuals, families, neighbors, groups, and City of Tucson employees – can participate as a citywide team working together to clean up and improve the park’s beautification.  Environmental park activities include litter pickup, tree planting and pruning, raking, hula-hoeing, hedge trimming, and painting projects.  Regular clean-up parks include Reid Park, Santa Cruz Parkway (between Irvington and Drexel), Rodeo Grounds, Kennedy Park, Columbus Park, and Mission Manor. If there’s a park preference or an area of town one wants to volunteer, then TEAM CLEANUP can accommodate other parks too.

Contact Ashley for collaborative partnerships with non-profit organizations and groups. Or apply for individual volunteer opportunities. Help us make a difference in our city today!

Apply at:

Or email the volunteer coordinator – Ashley Monka: [email protected]  or call 520-837-8020

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