Much of the time, when a loved one passes away, and family members are selling the person’s possessions so a real estate agent can list the home.  In other instances, job relocation, divorce resolution, the homeowner may be retiring, moving away to enter into an assisted living facility or simply downsizing to a smaller house with fewer maintenance needs.

Heather Garcia and Courtney Barnes – two grassroots entrepreneurs launched Sustainable Estate Liquidator Solutions (SELS) which is a sale and cleanout company located in Tucson and, now, in Laredo, Texas.   Heather states, “Sustainable Estate Liquidators is committed to reducing what gets trashed into landfills.  It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see what is not sustainably disposed, sold as much as possible, recycled, given away to people of items that can’t be sold, as well as, any other leftovers from a sale are donated to local businesses, thrift shops, charitable organizations and friends in need.   We can and want to make a difference…. even if it’s just one estate sale at a time.”

The very last resort are local landfills with the huge concentration of environmental damage by the releasing methane gas and CO2 which are generated by rotting rubbish in the ground contributing massively to the process of global warming.

Mindful and discerning of how to implement sustainable liquidation practices, Heather and Courtney, have an array of local organizations, artists, friends, and non-chain thrift stores used regularly.  Courtney shares, “We recycle wire hangers to a local dry cleaner.  Leftover items from a sale are sent off to More than a Bed, Iskashitaa Refuge Network, Connections Vineyard Church Food & Clothing Pantry, the Humane Society, as well as, neighborhood free tables and small businesses that may need or want something.”

Sustainable Estate Liquidators Solutions is presently only doing in-home estate sales and estate clean-outs, as they do not have a physical location to bring items to sell. 

Text or Call to set up a FREE consultation:

Heather Garcia – (520) 529-7613

Courtney Barnes – (520) 312-5159

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Angela Hill