With a smile of anticipated pleasure and downtime, Tucson residents and visitors travel to a neighborhood park for the trails and walkways, with smiles of children laughing and playing on gym equipment, watching players sweat it out on a basketball court, and swinging a bat in a ball field. Folks bring their families, retirees swim and play team sports, and environmental enthusiasts volunteer their time for clean-ups and tree planting.

With 200+ parks in the City of Tucson, one is reminded of how they work to define the shape and feel of a city and its neighborhoods. And how they function as a conscious tool for revitalization.

THE CITY OF TUCSON – TUCSON PARKS AND RECREATION, with a 2018 grant of $225 million of voter-approved Proposition 407 Bond, has listened closely to residents about improving City parks amenities and capital improvements.  Flyers, pop-up tables, surveys, social media, and neighborhood associations where residents engaged to RE-IMAGINE better parks for a sustainable future.  Ten playgrounds have been re-designed and revamped, though the program will be implemented in three phases over nine years, 2020-2028. Improvements with irrigation, gardens, pools, water fountains, dog parks, skate parks, outdoor basketball courts, and splash pads are underway.  And pedestrian pathways, bicycle pathways, and safety.  The program concepts are focused on recreation, culture, and environment.

Editor’s Note: we will continuously update readers of the Re-Imagined projects and of the 3 phases surveyed with articles, photos, and stories from 2022, 2023-2025, and 2026-2028 project implementations.

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Angela Hill