Spencer’s Shroomery

Spencer's Shroomery

In recent years folks returned to a simpler way of life due to the global outbreak of change.  Many learned to focus and delve upon leisurely pursuits practiced at home to engage the mind and soothe the soul of health, environment, and food.  Tucson is where SPENCER’S SHROOMERY evolved and was built.  Will and Spencer Wimmer possess insatiable curiosity and passion for fungi.   They began cultivating gourmet mushrooms, experimenting with trial and error, discovering inventiveness, and foraging with a colorful zeal of adventure.  Popularity amongst families and kids, a new generation wanting to re-connect with nature, a shared educational activity, and the ease of pace and quickness for a first-time grower, the mushroom farm growing kits are relatively low maintenance, and one can have an outstanding time learning.

Spencer's Shroomery Mission & Impact

SPENCER’S SHROOMERY is Arizona’s first one-stop mushroom cultivation supply store.  The mission is to provide premium quality mushrooms, cultivation supplies, and education to get the novice fungi in-home farmer started with confidence, proficiency, and mastery.   Thus, the interest and excitement blossom when one sees how mushrooms grow fast and can easily thrive.

Will and Spencer are symbiotic of their in-depth knowledge of mycology…..listening is a ping-pong game of regional and ground-breaking topics, exploration of study, future scientific research.  The fascination of mycology between the two gentlemen and listener leaves one wanting to forage in the woods or desert and admire the simplistic beauty of each variety of fungi species.   It’s the love of nature, of edible mushrooms prepared as a home-cooked meal, and the mysterious wonder that brings together people of all ages and all walks of life.

Join Will and Spencer, alongside a host of students and adults, as they host forays to the Santa Catalina mountains to observe the local mushrooms and pick up trash alongside the hiking trails and campsites. One can mark the calendar and sign up for the monthly outdoor adventures and volunteer Community Clean-ups thru the website and Facebook page. Expand the mind with a new interest or study, admire the unexpected fascination of each beautiful fungi masterpiece, and breath in the mindfulness of cultivating one’s very own mushroom harvest for family, friends, and personal enjoyment.

Website:  spencershroomery.com

Phone:  520-599-7500

Facebook Page: Spencer’s Shroomery

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