Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education (SARR&E)


Watch your step out there of Gila Monsters, Western Diamondback Snakes, Desert Tortoises, and Western Banded Geckos!  These are only a few names of native desert reptiles to encourage the curiosity and interest of fascinating creatures inhabiting one’s backyards and trails. Meet Cressi Brown – Found & Executive Director of Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education 501©3 (SARR&E) which is Tucson’s only licensed reptile rescue. The non-profit doors were opened in 2018 but Cressi’s life’s purpose and passion are devoted to the mission of protecting reptile species to Rescue, Relocate, Rehab, and Educate. The non-profit is licensed with AZ Game and Fish and works with local groups such as the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Tucson Wildlife, Phoenix Herpetological Society, and Tucson PACC. Based in Tucson, however, the non-profit serves the entire state of Arizona.

A Reptilian Resource for Tucson

Sure, it’s natural to have fear of the unknown, exotic, and unfamiliar so that’s where Cressi and her team of committed volunteers, ranging from young high school students, professional adults, and retirees, who graciously donate their time to promote a positive reptile experience.

Educational presentations are offered at schools, community centers, scout troops, summer camps, and even senior homes. “The smiles of wonder and pride when touching or holding a reptile breaks the barrier of unease and soon follows with appreciation and respect.”, says Cressi.  Sitting in her living room, surrounded by glass terrariums, and watching personalities emerge by the wide variety of reptiles, my eyes shine in admiration of the sizes and species.  Cressi’s home is a temporary rescue and rehab location until a permanent and self-owned facility, including a plot of land, is found to house all reptiles, gardens, multiple climate-controlled buildings, an education center, and both a naturalistic and safe indoor and outdoor sanctuary for the animals.

REPTILE ADOPTIONS are regularly published on the SARRE Facebook page with full details relating to species, gender, habitat, diet, age, experience level, and additional notes to connect the reptile to a committed owner and a forever family.  Potential adopters are required to complete an application and provide photos of yards, enclosures, etc.   Cressi and her team are happy to provide support and guidance if one is having any troubles with a pet.

Other services are NO-COST SNAKE REMOVAL (Rattlesnakes, Kingsnakes, Gopher Snakes, and Gila Monsters) to the community so residents are encouraged to understand the tremendous importance of snakes in the desert.

Book a REPTILE ADVENTURE PARTY where 12-15 awesome Reptile Ambassadors are brought to YOUR house to spend an hour or more entertaining your child and guests.  Or, book an interactive EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION to schools, clubs, and community groups.

If you have found a lost reptile, need to surrender, or are interested in adopting or volunteering please email, call, or text.



FB Page: Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue “Meet & Greet” locations and dates. 

 Phone: 808-747-6445  

Email:  [email protected]

Address:  4515 E. Grant Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85712

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