Elaine A. Powers | An Author, Biologist & Conservationist

A Refreshing Approach to Teaching Kids About Reptiles & Land Conservation

Children’s books push the boundaries of learning and absorbing topics of reptile and land conservation, with scientific details, to nurture young minds in a very approachable and empathetic way.  ELAINE POWERS – AUTHOR, CONSERVATIONIST, BIOLOGIST has a passion for reptiles and over 25 science-based children’s stories and scripts that provide significant insight into terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Teaching the Wonders of Ecology

Let’s be honest, ‘creeping things’ can be a bit scary if one has never been exposed and explored so that’s how environmental storytelling can make learning fun and how science is an adventure!  Elaine weaves rhyming words and pictures (dual coding theory) to help influence some of today’s children to consider a science career. The cartoon science-based children’s books have made the biologist and ecological subject fascinating to the reader, as well as, conveying moral values.

Kids always want to enjoy each and every moment – they want fun and humor.  Not only children, but even adults also want the same.  Whenever we open a book, we first look at the images printed on it then the text. Children’s books are a form of teaching, instead of writing an example, it’s great the information is presented in a cartoon story to gain the concentration of the child and better comprehension. Teaching is a very strenuous profession; it takes a lot of effort to transfer a whole lot of information from your own mind to someone else’s mind. One single cartoon image and rhyming text leave an impression in their minds.

Elaine does not shy away from scientific Latin names to identify the animals – the reader can learn a lot of new words and how to use them in sentences. Parents and teachers can teach the child through the multiple book series Elaine has created explaining the Sonoran Desert and the Cayman Islands to explain about lizards, squirrels, tortoises, lizards, sea turtles, plants, birds, and rattlesnakes.  Often humorous with interesting descriptions of how they look physically, their habitat, and to the ecosystem.

Tucson local bookstores have many of the book series available for purchase – check out MOSTLY BOOKS, TUCSON BOTANICAL GARDENS, SABINO CANYON, and ANTIGONE BOOKS or one can purchase online with AMAZON.

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