CERO – Tucson’s Popular Zero Waste Store

CERO – Tucson’s Popular Zero Waste Store

01 // Project overview

The CEROCYLING - Collection and Recycling Project is impressive!

It demonstrates the commitment to re-use and redistribute because throwing things in the trash is too familiar and expected.  Takeout utensils, razors and cartridges, prescription bottles, clothing, and clean glass jars will be delivered to a few local non-profits and specialty recyclers.  Time and effort which goes into sorting the collected items, operating a retail store, and educating others demonstrate the whole-hearted dedication of re-using and recycling as a lifestyle and of which others can practice too.

01 // Project overview

Modern and
cutting-edge approach
for creating zero waste.

Aligning one’s values to promote Health, Environmental Consciousness, and Integrity is the shining partnership of co-founders Val Timin and Nelene Deguzman. They operate a zero-waste store, online shop, and education space.  The focus is multi-layered, though always encompassing a platform to learn, take action and make a real difference in local and regional communities.

02 // Challenges

Innovative Eco-Solutions

The home and beauty products must be zero waste or sustainable.  Many are local Arizona-made products and vegan.  CERO offers refillable soaps, laundry detergent, and cleaners so folks can bring in their containers for re-fill.   Beauty body care, vintage clothing, hair care, jewelry, art, and other artisan items are available with the flair to savor colors, scents, and textures.  One walks around the shop and takes in the mindfulness intention of each selected item.  Slow down, touch, and ask questions because CERO wants to teach you ‘how and why’ every one of us can make a real change to help the environment.

03 // Get Connected

Reach out to CERO in Tucson, AZ.

CERO growing programs include community cleanups, talks, workshops, events, and zero waste business services.

Visit: 228 South Tucson Boulevard, Tucson 85716
Call or text: 520-600-7664
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday from 2-6 PM / Monday-Tuesday – Closed


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