A bold and genuine motto based upon comprehensive, workable goals and deep integrity expresses the values of finding a way to make a difference in one’s community to deliver weekly ‘lil acts’ of service.  Bryan and Cheryl Holm, the Co-Founders of LIL Acts non-profit, are Air Force military professionals with frequent domestic and international deployments.  However, their prominent role as Parents of two children was the motivation to instill consistent habits of serving others with acts of volunteerism, charity, mentoring, and gratitude.  The big-bang belief is not to wait and to immediately plant a seed in others’ brains and hearts of anticipating, recognizing, and meeting community needs.  In 2019, LIL Acts 52-Weekly Clean-Up Challenge was implemented with no project too small or too large.  In Tucson, AZ, volunteer participants can be only Holm’s family, or they collaborate with native Tucson litter groups with more volunteers to clean up different neighborhood washes, streets, parks, and other open spaces. 

As a show of appreciation, a special medallion was created as a thank you and recognition for those volunteers’ immense work ethic with the motto: Lead, Inspire, and Love.  The cheeky and fun image of a unicorn colorfully represents a rare and highly valued person who is a participant in the LIL Acts Non-Profits.


Contact Bryan Holm (Co-Founder) at or go to the Facebook Non-Profit group of LIL ACTS to send a direct message.

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Angela Hill