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There’s a voice within which softly murmurs questions and with increasing frequency and volume has one take stock of values, beliefs, society, the future and transformation. JESSY LONG, Co-founder of COMPANY ECO, a practical realist and ambitious visionary has created the world’s most trusted platform for sustainable and ethically sourced products.  CARA PLANITZ-CLATANOFF, Co-Founder, empowers Tucsonans of the fundamental philosophy of cultural shifts, bringing mindfulness and wellness to the forefront of community. Award winning Company Eco was named winner in the Sustainable Earth Small Business Awards (SESBAs) and one out of 15 small businesses throughout the United States to be recognized for its innovative solutions and approaches to sustainability. Power of selective purchasing, conviction to change and support companies with purchases, and align values to a more sustainable way of life.  A massive shift of collectively overcoming many environmental global challenges and transitioning to a deliberate and powerful stance of everyday use of people safe and earth friendly products that work.   The online retailor at offers kitchen, dining, toilet paper, sunscreen, feminine hygiene, cutting boards, coffee, and food storge.  Bundle gift sets are tailored for business, fundraising and personal purchases.

All products are researched of value, strategically sourced and run through a rigor of excellence of quality and packaging.  There is a score card of clear quality of which most products rate of 4 or 5 stars.  If a product does not meet this requirement, it’s removed from the website regardless of its environmental qualities. The packaging of boxes, tape and padding are all 100% eco-sustainable.  Company Eco’s Sustainability Rating is designed to be the deciding factor – allowing consumers to compare the environmental qualities of each product with full transparency.

Tucson and surrounding southern Arizona community-focused allows Jessy and Cara, of Company Eco, to partner and engage local university and primary schools with presentations, non-profit organizations, business entrepreneurships and social clubs.

COMPANY ECO – Internet Shop in Red Rock, Arizona

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